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DeckSpan -Timber Decking
 We are now offering timber decking on our galvanised Centenary box beam sub-frame. Its called deckspan, your deck will stay straight, flat and last for many years when compared to traditional timber frame decking structures, we guarantee it for 10 years! No Warping, twisting, sagging or rotting structures - timber cannot compete against the strength and durability of steel.  Don't believe what the timber guys say, the price of a steel frame is as competitive to timber.
We also use composite material made up of 50% wood fibre, 45% recycled plastic and remaining 5% a mould and UV inhibitor with pigment additives.

- Won't fade like timber and it retains 80% of its colour. - No need to oil or stain ever!
- Has high slip resistance
- Is not prone to fungi or insect attack
- Has a long lifespan with a limited 10 year warranty
- Decking installation is screw fixed